Book Review: Rise and Fall of Third Reich by William Shirer

The Definitive Guide to the Nazi Regime from Start to Finish. This is one of the most comprehensive sources that exists today.  It is so specific and detailed and it runs so smoothly. The author is William Shirer, who also wrote “The Berlin Diaries” which are a series of journal entries that detail his life as a correspondent during Hitler’s rise.  “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” is instrumental for anyone who is just starting to learn about the Holocaust and the Nazi-era political theatre.  The book is available on audible for anyone who finds reading boring (I do.)...

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The Night of Long Knives

On June 30, 1934 Hitler ordered the assassinations of many high-ranking Nazis. Why? Hitler had started to become wary of the paramilitary Sturmabteilung, also known as the SA, gaining too much power.  The SA had been crucial for Hitler’s rise as they intimidated and attacked Hitler’s opponents and silenced his Communist adversaries.  By 1934, however, this was an issue of the past. The head of the SA was Ernst Röhm: a flagrantly homosexual brute who had been Hitler’s longtime mentor and helped the Nazis rise to power.  Conflict arose after Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933.  Röhm did...

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