Collective Guilt: Defeated German Civilians on a Forced Tour Of Buchenwald

Slightly Graphic

The Video above is from Buchenwald camp, but this phenomenon actually happened all over the newly conquered German lands. The camp of Buchenwald was liberated on April 11, 1945 and four days later the German civilians from the nearby town of Weimar were taken on a tour through the camp.  The prisoners of war had set up exhibits for them to view the evidence of Nazi attrocities.  Many claimed that they did not know what was going on, but the American soldiers disagreed.  They could not imagine that the citizens of the local towns wouldn’t be able to deduce that something bad was happening – with trans full of people coming and empty ones going?

The citizens were mortified, especially at Buchenwald where theere was a lot of art and some lamps made out of human skin.