Above is the 13 page memoir of Gertrude Jorisch.  It details her prewar life in Skałat; the deportation of her family to Belzec, her time in the Skałat ghetto and labor camp and hiding in the forest; postwar antisemitism in Skalat;  Skalat was located in Poland and is currently a city in Ukraine.

Gertrude (Gussie) Jorisch  was born Gusta Wechsler in Skałat, Poland (now Skalat, Ukraine) to Joseph and Pepa Wechsler.  Most of her family was rounded up and sent to Belzec concentration camp in 1942.  Gertrude evaded capture and deportation by hiding in a closet.  After the ordeal she was forced into the Skałat ghetto with the rest of the Jews in her area.  Eventually she ended up in the Skałat labor camp with her boyfriend, Martin Jorisch, and her father. They escaped the labor camp and survived in the forest until liberation. Gertrude and Martin were married in Skałat and hitchhiked to the displaced persons camp at Deggendorf with Joseph, who later moved to Canada. The couple had their first child, Henry, at Deggendorf and immigrated to the United States in 1949.