Attrocities in Lithuania


Mass Grave in Lithuania; Pogrom at Kaunas (Kovno) 1941


Waiting to be shot over pit.  Looking closely you can see that the woman on the far left is an elderly woman, next to her stands a mother with a baby in arms, and next to her is a child.

Many say that the Holocaust would not have been possible without the help of the locals, who are known to have done a majority of the dirty work.  Yes, unfortunately it is true, the benevolence of the local populations we hear about are often hyperbolized and the cruelty downplayed.  Of the Pre-war Jewish population of Lithuania only about 5% would survive the war.  The Lithuanian anti-Semitism had been building and building since the occupation of the Soviets, whom jews were associated with irrespective of fact.  When the Soviets fled the Lithuanians were brutal to the Jews of the city: stealing, raping, mocking, torturing, and murdering were just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the depravity of man exemplified in Lithuania.

This book is an amazing primary source of how Brutal the Lithuanians were to the Jews living amongst them.  It’s written very plainly and detached, but the imagery can be haunting at times.  An eyewitness account of the Aktionen and subsequent liquidations of various Jewish populations.