Pre-War Jewish Life

Many Photos by Roman Vishniac.  A few miscellaneous photos as well.


Warsaw Street in 1937 


The Entire Jewish Community of Sighet Romania, 1930-1939.


The Blurb tells about the Szur family.  Of whom all perished in the Shoah except for the Daughter, Miriam, on the far right.  The Father, Grigory wrote a diary during their lives in the Vilna Ghetto which Miriam donated after the war.  


Leopoldstadt, Austria 1936.  Leopoldstadt was virtually empty when the Nazis swept into town during the Anschluss in 1938.  It was a Jewish neighborhood that had been thriving up until that time.  Here we see it back in its golden days.


Leaving Lodz Temple after worship in 1937.  Lodz would later be home to one of the most infamously horrible ghettos in Europe. 


Kazimierz, Krakow, Poland 1937. Two men discussing something on a peaceful Saturday after morning temple.


Lodz, Poland 1938


The Rabinowitz Family and friends.  Nobody knows what happened to the Father, Mother, and son.  The woman on the far right in the first row made it out and the woman on the left in the back row survived as well.  The woman on the far right in the back row was murdered.


Jews marching to their death in Kamianets, Modern day Ukraine.  One of the first and largest Holocaust massacres carried out in the opening stages of war between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, took place in Kamianets-Podilskyi on 27–28 August 1941. 


This is the family of Chiune Sugihara at the Consulate in Lithuania.  During the war Sugihara was working as a diplomat for Japan.  He issued thousands of visas to Lithuanian Jews trying to escape Nazi occupation.