A Teacher’s Guide to The Holocaust: Resource Page

This website was made by the Florida Institute for  Instructional Technology. It has many valuable documents that are accessible on their website, as well as many links for other primary sources and scholarly articles. This particular link will take you to their index of resources.

The Holocaust Explained: Timeline
This Resource is a budding, young website that has developed into a very aesthetically pleasing and concise resource. Their timeline is particularly easy to use and informational.
USHMM Digital Collections Search
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum sets the standard in Holocaust archives, and they are a pioneering force behind digitization. However, their service leaves much to be desired. The archives are hard to use and often not digitally available. Make sure that you scroll down and hit “Digital Availability” and select “Digitally Available” before searching. Also, “in English” is a helpful thing to check off when offered the opportunity.
USC Video History Archives
A great online resource that is free to use. Full-length testimonies of thousands of people available online, from home. You must make an account, if you want something less committal check out their youtube channel.
Wiener Library 1938 Pogrom Testimonies
The Wiener Library has over 300 testimonies about the Kristallnacht pogroms.