Joseph Goebbels

Joseph Goebbels

The Reich Minister of Propaganda.

Paul Joseph Goebbels 

(29 October 1897 – 01 May 1945)

Goebbels was from a large Roman Catholic family in Rheydt, Germany.  During his childhood he was known for having a deformed foot that was caused by one side of his body being longer than the other.  They had tried to get it fixed with surgery, but to no avail, and Goebbels continued to struggle with the limp for the rest of his life.  With the physical ailments, though, he was blessed with the gift of extreme intelligence: having studied philosophy, politics, and other things that would come in handy later.

Goebbels was in love with a woman named Else Hanke, who later revealed herself to be half Jewish.  Goebbels wrote of this occasion that “the enchantment was ruined,” which is an interesting window into the extreme anti-Semitism of this man even before encountering Hitler.  Goebbels started to function as the face of the Nazis; his gorgeous wife, perfect children, and virulent anti-Semitism made him perfect for this job.  Goebbels married a beautiful divorcee named Magda Quandt and they quickly became the figureheads of the Nazi state – many mothers from all over Germany would write to Magda for advice.  Eventually, Joseph Goebbels and Magda murdered their children and then committed suicide themselves in Hitler’s bunker the day after Hitler took his own life.

Reports from the time say that Goebbels was truly fascinated by Hitler and that he and his wife remained truly faithful to the very end.