Boxes with a green background are paid resources, whereas a white background indicates a free resource. All books are ones that I have personally read or listened to on Audible. Also, full disclosure, the links are affiliate links – just something I’m trying out to see if it’s worthwhile or not.

The Little Black Book of Russian Jewry: Ukraine Chapter

This is a direct link to the PDF of the infamous “Little Black Book of Soviet Jewry” by Ilya Ehrenburg. The chapter on the Holocaust in Ukraine has many haunting stories of the murder of Jews in Kiev; Odessa; and Kharkov.

Nazi-Empire building and The Holocaust in Ukraine.

Use this link to get a free audible trial and download this audiobook. This book by Wendy Lower is a very good summation of the Holocaust in Ukraine, particularly in the Zhitomir region. Not for beginners as you must have a very good understanding of basic tenets of Holocaust historiography to digest it fully. Link to the right takes you directly to Audible.

Spell Your Name: Surviving the Darkest Days in Human History.

Documentary about the Holocaust in Ukraine. Available for free for members of Amazon Prime. Click here to join Amazon Prime. Click the Image to the right to go directly to the video if you are already a prime member. It’s mainly a series of interviews, which are interesting and flow well throughout the film. However, there is almost no archival footage and it’s a little bit slow at times.